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5 Things You Need To Know About Anuradhapura

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The city is considered one of the most experienced and urbanized on Earth. Archaeological revelations date from the 10th century BC.

It was a beautiful old capital

Today Anuradhapura is one of the true urban spaces of Sri Lanka in the Northern Territory. In the distant past, it was an important town on the island. In fact, the city was its capital between the 4th century BC. In addition, the eleventh-century d. NS.

It is an old fig house.

He is known as Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi. This tree must be related to the wonderful fig tree Jaya Buddha in India.

It is said that the Buddha’s decision was enlightenment in the shadow of the main tree, Sri Maha Bodhi, in Buddha Jaya. Sri Lankans acknowledge that Anuradhapura evolved from the felling of the main tree in 288 BC. C. NS.

It has two carefully arranged lakes

The 1,500-year-old twin lakes are located at Abhagiri Cash Monastery and are 1,500 years old. The structure of the lake water structure is exceptionally repairable. It has been constantly updated for one of the most unusual cases of water formation to date.

Your old moonstone

It is also the daily schedule at the strict local Abhayagiri Sandakada Pahana, an ancient moonstone annihilation stone. Which moonstone do you say you want? It is a block of stone that looks like a crescent moon and has many faceted volumes, its exceptional date being from the 1st century BC.

Around him are many levels of animals cut in the face. On the other hand, the lotus goes to Nirvana. Thus the moonstone means dealing with the loss of karma, fines, lifestyle, and death. In Buddhism, this explains the path to enlightenment.

Is it honest that you love the city and its multiple accounts? Take the time to put it on after two days. If you are trying to fulfill a moderate spending plan, visit these shops in Anuradhapura. It approaches each of the important essentials to ensure Yoho. Anything like WiFi, refrigeration, TV, and breakfast.

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