Pompi Kwacha Mp3 Download: Pompi New Song 2021

Pompi Kwacha mp3

Exceptionally super talented gospel musician Pompi unveils his newly created sound called, ‘KWACHA’. The song has been highly anticipated in the country to be a hit as it talks about the new light about to shine on the nation.

Few months ago, gospel act Pompi the African Eagle featured Nigeria’s Limoblaze and have come together to release a hard record “No Longer Stressing“. Pompi on his social media account, Pompi Kwacha said.

This election has made many of us see and witness the power is truly for the people, by the people and with the people! ‘Disgruntled Youth’ showed up and proved that they have the last say at the end of the day and that makes me proud!.

Enjoy and be blessed after listening to Pompi Kwacha mp3 download which will be shared here in few hours!.

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  1. Esther Chungu ft Pompi – Sangalala
  2. Pompi – Pene Nimanga Nyumba Ft Mali Music
  3. Macky 2 ft. Pompi – “Early Riser (Waulesi Asadye)”

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